Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bally sagoo,let me Go..!

Its been  a week ,i blogged..!Busy with never ending KIKI project,Fixing ideas,Innovation ramp-up, with "paatima" ! Though it is Fun and involves lot of Creativity, it literally exhausted me a little ! i found solution to most of the bugs, while sleeping and in office bus travel..! 
    Like karnan kavasa kundalam, am always been with a Music player 95% of my play list features Raghav,jamesblunt, MJ and few Malaysian Hip hops, Since i love to hear new  songs(Sounds), i recently added Bally sagoo(Most remixes).While in travel and sleep(Bug fix), a particular song made me feel high, and am now addicted to it,probably i have crossed 1000 times, hearing it. Still i get the same feel, when i heard it for the first time.The visuals of the song is Awesome..! 

Few facts about this song, the songs is from the Hindi flim "Anpadh" released in 1962 and Music scored by MadanMohan.Though i have seen that old song, i didn't got the feel..! Its all  about the Bally sagoo Music..! Heard somewhere, Music has the power to vibrate human feelings..!

    Apart from sagoo's disturbance, this weekend am bit relaxed,paid most of all my Bills,joined Gym,spent some time with my family and started following some new interesting blogger..!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saroja Saaman Nikaalthiya.....!

Nothing beats Sangam, The theatre to my next door....! Anytime any movie,irrespective of date of release..,move with confidence ! we get ticket(From ticket counter)

coming to the point, Saroja , though the story Title is about a school gal(actually never look like)..,Film actually lines up about the 4 Frens who go for Cricket match(Seems that director is Quite crazy about cricket!).

Opening Scene covers Saroja(Vega), A School gal, whose parents Prakash raj and horlicks Aunty(remember that she came for some Horlicks Ad..Nothing specific !), as usual high class family ,never care for their Child !

Coming to the real line up, about 4 frens (Shiva,Vaibhav,SPB charan,Premgi) ! vaibhav and Charan are Brothers.Shiva a serial Artist ! and my Cinematic Mirror( metha Rajesh Quote !) premgi, well he thinks, gals will fall at his single look ! Need to tell about the angles revolving the gal, when ever premgi falls in love !

They all have their personal Commitment, passion , happiness, sorrow and Desire ! i could feel them as usual IT Guys(Freak out often) ,Wanted to enjoy a Cricket match in Hyderabad.Due to some Accident, shiva who takes alternate route to Hyderabad !

The real Story starts form this point ! A haunted place..Director played his trick well ! Really the whole story happens in a single night ! A kidnappers, took our lovely Saroja, in their custody and threatening prakash for money !

The entry of these four frens in that place, did they helped saroja, who is the leading kidnappers...?this is the stroy all about !

Thalai premgi came with a new caption"Evalvo pathutom sir....! Ithu enna pathudlam!" Awesome.vaibhav and Shiva performed their part well !

One important character, which made all the young dudes to murmur, even after the end of film, Nikitha..! She appears as a Girl Fren of Sampath (Tamil Industry got another Namitha!).

About songs...Cheecky cheecky..yuvan made a guest appearance..Dost bada dost..remembered me the trip to mahabs with my frens ! Awesome . I expected Picturization of Nimirdhu Nil..but didn't came well !

Venkat prabhu,you Scored Six er in Chennai 28 ! Saroja will be sure a Boundary ! truly "Saroja saman Nikaalthiya...!".