Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sam Anderson - WOW !

i have a very interesting fren in orkut, on visting his communities, i came to knew about this guy "Sam Anderson - The Ultimate Hero".
If he is nominated to Oscar, surly he will sweep up all the prizes,he is born actor, came to uplift Tamil cinema, innum sollikitey pogalam !

Thala nu intha community la irrukuravangala chellama kupida padure namba Sam Anderson, will one day become the Untitled king of Indian Flim industry, Chumma pesikittey irrutha pothathu, paarunga , thalai in action,

Appa sami, look at his action, i am great fan of TR, now samy u rockz dude, after along time , i laughed a lot.Cant control laughing, will continue later..,

1 comment:

Rikesh said...

wow, i became his fan !