Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bally sagoo,let me Go..!

Its been  a week ,i blogged..!Busy with never ending KIKI project,Fixing ideas,Innovation ramp-up, with "paatima" ! Though it is Fun and involves lot of Creativity, it literally exhausted me a little ! i found solution to most of the bugs, while sleeping and in office bus travel..! 
    Like karnan kavasa kundalam, am always been with a Music player 95% of my play list features Raghav,jamesblunt, MJ and few Malaysian Hip hops, Since i love to hear new  songs(Sounds), i recently added Bally sagoo(Most remixes).While in travel and sleep(Bug fix), a particular song made me feel high, and am now addicted to it,probably i have crossed 1000 times, hearing it. Still i get the same feel, when i heard it for the first time.The visuals of the song is Awesome..! 

Few facts about this song, the songs is from the Hindi flim "Anpadh" released in 1962 and Music scored by MadanMohan.Though i have seen that old song, i didn't got the feel..! Its all  about the Bally sagoo Music..! Heard somewhere, Music has the power to vibrate human feelings..!

    Apart from sagoo's disturbance, this weekend am bit relaxed,paid most of all my Bills,joined Gym,spent some time with my family and started following some new interesting blogger..!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saroja Saaman Nikaalthiya.....!

Nothing beats Sangam, The theatre to my next door....! Anytime any movie,irrespective of date of release..,move with confidence ! we get ticket(From ticket counter)

coming to the point, Saroja , though the story Title is about a school gal(actually never look like)..,Film actually lines up about the 4 Frens who go for Cricket match(Seems that director is Quite crazy about cricket!).

Opening Scene covers Saroja(Vega), A School gal, whose parents Prakash raj and horlicks Aunty(remember that she came for some Horlicks Ad..Nothing specific !), as usual high class family ,never care for their Child !

Coming to the real line up, about 4 frens (Shiva,Vaibhav,SPB charan,Premgi) ! vaibhav and Charan are Brothers.Shiva a serial Artist ! and my Cinematic Mirror( metha Rajesh Quote !) premgi, well he thinks, gals will fall at his single look ! Need to tell about the angles revolving the gal, when ever premgi falls in love !

They all have their personal Commitment, passion , happiness, sorrow and Desire ! i could feel them as usual IT Guys(Freak out often) ,Wanted to enjoy a Cricket match in Hyderabad.Due to some Accident, shiva who takes alternate route to Hyderabad !

The real Story starts form this point ! A haunted place..Director played his trick well ! Really the whole story happens in a single night ! A kidnappers, took our lovely Saroja, in their custody and threatening prakash for money !

The entry of these four frens in that place, did they helped saroja, who is the leading kidnappers...?this is the stroy all about !

Thalai premgi came with a new caption"Evalvo pathutom sir....! Ithu enna pathudlam!" Awesome.vaibhav and Shiva performed their part well !

One important character, which made all the young dudes to murmur, even after the end of film, Nikitha..! She appears as a Girl Fren of Sampath (Tamil Industry got another Namitha!).

About songs...Cheecky cheecky..yuvan made a guest appearance..Dost bada dost..remembered me the trip to mahabs with my frens ! Awesome . I expected Picturization of Nimirdhu Nil..but didn't came well !

Venkat prabhu,you Scored Six er in Chennai 28 ! Saroja will be sure a Boundary ! truly "Saroja saman Nikaalthiya...!".

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome...a Cocktail...

jst now tasted the features of  Google Chrome.let me pen down its it goes.


1.Downloading EXE is about few hundred of kbs and it requires a online installation.

2.Like all browsers, it doesn't ask for Import bookmarks form IE,rather it ask from Mozilla to import.

Features:-A Cocktail:

1.Each tab works in new sandbox and if a tab crashes,it doesn't crashes the whole browser.. sounds similar like IE8 Automatic recovery Engine(

2.Next Feature of converting a Web application into desktop is added in chrome...Sounds more like Mozilla Prism(

3.Rendering Engine is from Apple's Web kit nor Mozilla Gecko combination of two...Hoping issues with Min-width and Height doesn't exist with this browser !

4.Cant alter the proxy settings of  browser as it depends on the IE network setting(System Setting).

5.when we open a new tab, the last opened history is shown on browser.This Is exactly same as Opera's Speed Dial

6.Its Light weight functionality is taken from Maxthon.

 Features that stand apart:

1.Javascript Engine V8 which is basically a up gradation of Apple's SquirrelFish with google's magic sprinkled on it.

2.having any online transistion or looking some sites, which u dont wanna traced by others, here in chrome has a special browser called "Incognito window".which leave no trace for the site you have visited. Gud Security approach..

In short Google Chrome 

GC=IE8(Tab recovery)+Mozilla Prism+Opera Speed Dial+Apple's Webkit+Maxthon architecture.

So a Gud cocktail ..which Google brands as a New browser.

It Bitters:

Though it has all features of different browsers,The front rendering i.e, Tab Focus and UI really looks like some doesnt gives us a feel of browser(comparing to Mozilla FF Customizable UI with Add on and skin-able browser Maxthon.) is that ,why Google guys call it as "Invisible browser" ???? HUH 

Sunday, May 25, 2008

jQuery in My Mind

Now a Days, am bit attracted towards open source,main reason for my attraction is that its free , what else ! no license problem, its like download the SDK and start working, plug and play !
This site is i created from scratch as i have blogged it before that this is my playground to test my finding, some times i get crashed ! hmm, sad but true !
coming to the point, the new thing buzzing in my mind is jQuery, its an excellent java script library have a close intractable with java script and HTML. The Good news it is Any css property can controlled with ease,
happy to inform you all that "This Site is Powered by JQery". By this time you might have found out the Modules using JQuery. Still digging hard !

Java ,Dot Net ! Naaa its Time for RIA !

Many think UI design is Just CSS and XHTML and like to learn about the programming like Java or .Net ! The real thing is with having a Front End Knowledge, it is easy for Developer(having a Basic knowledge in programming) to code a application quite standard and neat way, comparing to the people on other side !
Days are gone that People (client) , look importance for functionality, Many portals need to attract people through best Interface , for a Good return eg: MSN Extra.Through MSN Extra Microsoft show cased that its future portal solutions are RIA oriented - Start of Web 2.0.
Even Front End Engineers own a site to demonstrate their skill in Front End designing, eg: Ayush Charan, Bala chandar future of resumes ???
Had a chance to came across many web Software Engineers , stating that "Am a Dotnet developer , am not for CSS and XHTML", they forgot that their coding is rendered as XHTML ! Its True that many Web software Engineer, don't know the use of DIV in XHTML, many use XML prolog thought that its an standard, But the real thing is it drives the pages to render in qurik mode in IE6 !
Am not opposing any Web Software Developer, the thing is, they are building a application, without having a basic idea in XHTML ! what a Pity !
since a Front End Engineer, has the full control over the page rendering elements, its not a Tough task to do coding Dotnet or in Java, reading of few tutorials on a week is more enough, but the viceversa for the Web Software Engineers it is highly Impossible, Only by Experince,one can gather knowledge in Front end Designing !
Web software Engineers its really time for you to wake up ,programming skills in Dotnet and Java wont pay you well in long run it seems!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Journey To Moon !

NASA, Gonna Launch its LRO Space craft to Moon, so it is collecting Names for supporting this Misson.The supporters will be given a Certificate from NASA.Here Look at the Certificate Issued to me. The most important thing is collected Names, will be placed in LRO space craft, atleast our name goes to Moon !

Collect your certificate before June 27 @

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

silverlight ? No .., JavaScript ? No..Me done it in CSS

Image gallery found to be bit interesting, Especially which is on MSN Extra , But the thing is it needs functions using Silverlight. It requires Orcus, which reduced my interest a lot in Silvelight development.
I always keep a thaught in my mind, that the same can be accomplished using CSS, One fine day, i have choosen to implement it, wowy ! it worked out.check out the below module i have implemented.
This module is been fully implemented using CSS and XHTML (No scripts!)

  • descriptiondescription

  • descriptiondescription

  • descriptiondescription

  • descriptiondescription

  • descriptiondescription

  • descriptiondescription

Monday, April 28, 2008

Himesh, Your spell didnt work in Kollywood

The well awaited film "Dasavatharam" songs is been released couple of days ago, am not stupid enough to buy it, though it is available in internet.
I downloaded all songs, but to great disappointment, himesh didn't gave his best it seems, Not sure this may hit the streets of chennai, But as per my point, any song should tease a person to imagine , how that song had been pictured, like "oru vellai malai" song from Roja.
But none of songs gave me up the feeling to imagine , how it is pictured.
At the same time , one of my fren told that "Dham Dhoom" songs are cool.Today since am in off, downloaded , all songs are seems to be damn cool, am sure it will be an great hit. Especially "Anbey Anbey". and "pudhu pudhu"(U can listen the same in my favorite in my blog) a typical hiphop mixed with Rap, cool new mix ,

"I like the way u do Harish" keep the same up

Its so cool ...,

Am a regular visitor of orkut, because it keeps be in touch with my frens and relatives though they where miles of distance from me. I usually wont spent lot of time, seeing the setting in orkut. today thaught of exploring it.
There is an option in orkut, by which the display language can be changed. I have changed my orkut language to Tamil, cant believe, its cool,

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Listen My favorite

Previously i owned a blog( its an playground for me to implement all kinds of experiments, (Only sucessfull experiments are published in blog), other than having a blog with only to share my thaughts , i strongly belive it should replicate me in virtual world, as me in this real world.
Hence i tried to add some features like creating playlist and online chat with me,Due to some problem my old blog got crashed.
In this blog i have added two chat clients(Gtalk and hotmail messanger) and a special module which converts the MP3 to SWF, it reduces the load time of time, considering my previous blog.Am happy that i have doing something different from others.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sam Anderson - WOW !

i have a very interesting fren in orkut, on visting his communities, i came to knew about this guy "Sam Anderson - The Ultimate Hero".
If he is nominated to Oscar, surly he will sweep up all the prizes,he is born actor, came to uplift Tamil cinema, innum sollikitey pogalam !

Thala nu intha community la irrukuravangala chellama kupida padure namba Sam Anderson, will one day become the Untitled king of Indian Flim industry, Chumma pesikittey irrutha pothathu, paarunga , thalai in action,

Appa sami, look at his action, i am great fan of TR, now samy u rockz dude, after along time , i laughed a lot.Cant control laughing, will continue later..,

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Automatic Crash Recovery - Beta IE8

Automatic Crash Recovery (ACR) is a feature of Windows® Internet Explorer® 8 that can help to prevent the loss of work and productivity in the unlikely event of the browser crashing or hanging. The ACR feature takes advantage of the Loosely-Coupled Internet Explorer feature to provide new crash recovery capabilities, such as tab recovery, which will minimize interruptions to users’ browsing sessions.
Most software applications are tools that enable people to be more productive. Microsoft® Office, the world’s most popular productivity application suite, thrives on making people more productive. Part of making people more productive is helping to protect them from losing their work. Nearly everyone at some time has experienced work loss and knows the frustrations associated with losing important data.

Users already do lots of work in their browsers. Some examples of such work are:

Compositional work involves writing or creating new content. Composing is hard work; it can be time intensive and extremely painful to lose. Some examples are:
  • E-mail messages
  • Blog posts
  • Academic courseware (message boards, written assignments, and so on.)

Contextual work is “soft work” that is manifested in the state of the browser. It may not be as painful to lose this type of work, but it is nevertheless frustrating when it happens. Examples include:
  • Information search and retrieval (search and navigation)
  • Shopping carts
  • Login sessions (bank, e-mail, and so on.)
  • Tab set / loaded URLs
  • Travel Log
The ACR feature will help prevent contextual and compositional work loss in the unlikely event of a crash, hang, or an accidental application closure.

The ACR feature takes advantage of the Loosely-Coupled Internet Explorer feature, which isolates the UI Frame from the Tab set by keeping them in separate processes, as shown in the following diagram.
Over 70% of all Internet Explorer crashes and hangs are caused by extensions, such as ActiveX® controls, Browser Helper Objects (BHOs), and Toolbars. By isolating extension code in the tab process, we can protect the integrity of the browser and limit many failures to the tab process.
The ACR feature consists of an object in the Frame that acts as a virtual flight data recorder that can back up essential data from the tab processes, including:
  • The Back->Forward history (Travel Log)
  • Tab set with URLs and ordering

Many Web sites will not need to change code in order to be recovered correctly.
However, when a tab or frame recovery occurs, Internet Explorer will renavigate the current page. AJAX sites with dynamically injected forms should use the bookmarking page state feature in Internet Explorer 8 to ensure that the correct page state is recovered. The following example shows how to do that.

AJAX Navigation for Bookmarking Page State in the Browser

In IE8 Standards Mode, Internet Explorer treats changes in window.location.hash like navigations and saves the previous document URL. The following actions occur as a result:
The previous URL, which might be from the previous hash fragment, is updated in the address bar, the back button, and other browser components.
A click sound is played just as in a traditional navigation scenario.
A new hashChanged event is raised.

Though this ACR system is the road map which is already in use with Mozilla firefox, Microsoft added up AJAX navigation for Book marking keeping the future in Mind. Now it is up to Mozilla, developer, to develop a new concept that would override IE8

CSS 3.0 - Beginning of New Era

CSS 3.0 - A magical Word
While the the W3C seem to be taking forever to implement new web standards and seem happy sitting on their butts forever without moving forward. Here are a bunch of CSS 3.0 proposals that Web Designers would go nuts over if ever they are implemented. It seems that we have to wait till 2999 to implement them, at the rate things are going in the W3C.
The Happy news is we can implement CSS 3.0 in opera 9.5 !!!!
Here is some of the Features if this CSS 3.0

Multi Columns
Currently when you create a multi columned layout i.e 2 column or 3 column layout you need to specify individual and separate DIV HTML elements to achieve the desired effect. But in CSS 3.0 you can achieve this with a single CSS declaration like this

DIV {width: 400px;column-count: 4;column-width: 100px;column-gap: 10px;column-rule: none;}

I recently faced a issue in my current project that i cant keep mutilple background image for an element, this issue is been fixed in CSS 3.0 and its declatration is

background: url(/images/body-top.gif')top left no-repeat,url('/images/banner_fresco.jpg')top 11px no-repeat,url('/images/body-bottom.gif')bottom left no-repeat,url('/images/body-middle.gif')left repeat-y;

Zebra Tables
We can easily create Zebra tables without using any javascript

tr:nth-child(2n+1) /* represents every odd row of a HTML table */;
tr:nth-child(odd) /* same */tr:nth-child(2n) /* represents every even row of a HTML table */
tr:nth-child(even) /* same *//* Alternate paragraph colours in CSS */
p:nth-child(4n+1) { color: navy; }p:nth-child(4n+2) { color: green; }
p:nth-child(4n+3) { color: maroon; }p:nth-child(4n+4) { color: purple; }

Rounded Corners
we can easily put rounded corner for any HTML Box Element , declarations given below

background-color: #ccc;border-radius: 5px;border: 1px solid #000;padding: 10px

Currently almost all browsers support their own version and syntax for opacity. Here is the CSS 3.0 Standard code for opacity

background: rgb(255, 0, 0) ;opacity: 0.2

Ability to resize a HTML Element automatically

div.resize {width: 100px;
height: 100px;
border: 1px solid;
resize: both;
overflow: auto;

Text Effects
Text effects like drop shadow and Text Overflow.

color: #fff;background-color: #fff;
text-shadow: 2px 2px 2px #000;
text-overflow: ellipsis-word

In the near future, CSS is may not just meant for UI Presentation , but a powerful front-end Designing programming language !!!

Minimum width for IE6 browser

A very handy CSS command that exists is the min-width command, whereby you can specify a minimum width for any element. This can be particularly useful for specifying a minimum width for a page.

Unfortunately, IE doesn't understand this command, so we'll need to come up with a new way of making this work in this browser. First, we'll insert a

under the tag, as we can't assign a minimum width to the browser
Next we create our CSS commands, so as to create a minimum width of 600px:

min-width: 600px;
width:expression(document.body.clientWidth <> 1200? "1200px" : "auto");