Sunday, May 25, 2008

Java ,Dot Net ! Naaa its Time for RIA !

Many think UI design is Just CSS and XHTML and like to learn about the programming like Java or .Net ! The real thing is with having a Front End Knowledge, it is easy for Developer(having a Basic knowledge in programming) to code a application quite standard and neat way, comparing to the people on other side !
Days are gone that People (client) , look importance for functionality, Many portals need to attract people through best Interface , for a Good return eg: MSN Extra.Through MSN Extra Microsoft show cased that its future portal solutions are RIA oriented - Start of Web 2.0.
Even Front End Engineers own a site to demonstrate their skill in Front End designing, eg: Ayush Charan, Bala chandar future of resumes ???
Had a chance to came across many web Software Engineers , stating that "Am a Dotnet developer , am not for CSS and XHTML", they forgot that their coding is rendered as XHTML ! Its True that many Web software Engineer, don't know the use of DIV in XHTML, many use XML prolog thought that its an standard, But the real thing is it drives the pages to render in qurik mode in IE6 !
Am not opposing any Web Software Developer, the thing is, they are building a application, without having a basic idea in XHTML ! what a Pity !
since a Front End Engineer, has the full control over the page rendering elements, its not a Tough task to do coding Dotnet or in Java, reading of few tutorials on a week is more enough, but the viceversa for the Web Software Engineers it is highly Impossible, Only by Experince,one can gather knowledge in Front end Designing !
Web software Engineers its really time for you to wake up ,programming skills in Dotnet and Java wont pay you well in long run it seems!

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