Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome...a Cocktail...

jst now tasted the features of  Google Chrome.let me pen down its it goes.


1.Downloading EXE is about few hundred of kbs and it requires a online installation.

2.Like all browsers, it doesn't ask for Import bookmarks form IE,rather it ask from Mozilla to import.

Features:-A Cocktail:

1.Each tab works in new sandbox and if a tab crashes,it doesn't crashes the whole browser.. sounds similar like IE8 Automatic recovery Engine(

2.Next Feature of converting a Web application into desktop is added in chrome...Sounds more like Mozilla Prism(

3.Rendering Engine is from Apple's Web kit nor Mozilla Gecko combination of two...Hoping issues with Min-width and Height doesn't exist with this browser !

4.Cant alter the proxy settings of  browser as it depends on the IE network setting(System Setting).

5.when we open a new tab, the last opened history is shown on browser.This Is exactly same as Opera's Speed Dial

6.Its Light weight functionality is taken from Maxthon.

 Features that stand apart:

1.Javascript Engine V8 which is basically a up gradation of Apple's SquirrelFish with google's magic sprinkled on it.

2.having any online transistion or looking some sites, which u dont wanna traced by others, here in chrome has a special browser called "Incognito window".which leave no trace for the site you have visited. Gud Security approach..

In short Google Chrome 

GC=IE8(Tab recovery)+Mozilla Prism+Opera Speed Dial+Apple's Webkit+Maxthon architecture.

So a Gud cocktail ..which Google brands as a New browser.

It Bitters:

Though it has all features of different browsers,The front rendering i.e, Tab Focus and UI really looks like some doesnt gives us a feel of browser(comparing to Mozilla FF Customizable UI with Add on and skin-able browser Maxthon.) is that ,why Google guys call it as "Invisible browser" ???? HUH