Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saroja Saaman Nikaalthiya.....!

Nothing beats Sangam, The theatre to my next door....! Anytime any movie,irrespective of date of release..,move with confidence ! we get ticket(From ticket counter)

coming to the point, Saroja , though the story Title is about a school gal(actually never look like)..,Film actually lines up about the 4 Frens who go for Cricket match(Seems that director is Quite crazy about cricket!).

Opening Scene covers Saroja(Vega), A School gal, whose parents Prakash raj and horlicks Aunty(remember that she came for some Horlicks Ad..Nothing specific !), as usual high class family ,never care for their Child !

Coming to the real line up, about 4 frens (Shiva,Vaibhav,SPB charan,Premgi) ! vaibhav and Charan are Brothers.Shiva a serial Artist ! and my Cinematic Mirror( metha Rajesh Quote !) premgi, well he thinks, gals will fall at his single look ! Need to tell about the angles revolving the gal, when ever premgi falls in love !

They all have their personal Commitment, passion , happiness, sorrow and Desire ! i could feel them as usual IT Guys(Freak out often) ,Wanted to enjoy a Cricket match in Hyderabad.Due to some Accident, shiva who takes alternate route to Hyderabad !

The real Story starts form this point ! A haunted place..Director played his trick well ! Really the whole story happens in a single night ! A kidnappers, took our lovely Saroja, in their custody and threatening prakash for money !

The entry of these four frens in that place, did they helped saroja, who is the leading kidnappers...?this is the stroy all about !

Thalai premgi came with a new caption"Evalvo pathutom sir....! Ithu enna pathudlam!" Awesome.vaibhav and Shiva performed their part well !

One important character, which made all the young dudes to murmur, even after the end of film, Nikitha..! She appears as a Girl Fren of Sampath (Tamil Industry got another Namitha!).

About songs...Cheecky cheecky..yuvan made a guest appearance..Dost bada dost..remembered me the trip to mahabs with my frens ! Awesome . I expected Picturization of Nimirdhu Nil..but didn't came well !

Venkat prabhu,you Scored Six er in Chennai 28 ! Saroja will be sure a Boundary ! truly "Saroja saman Nikaalthiya...!".

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