Monday, April 28, 2008

Himesh, Your spell didnt work in Kollywood

The well awaited film "Dasavatharam" songs is been released couple of days ago, am not stupid enough to buy it, though it is available in internet.
I downloaded all songs, but to great disappointment, himesh didn't gave his best it seems, Not sure this may hit the streets of chennai, But as per my point, any song should tease a person to imagine , how that song had been pictured, like "oru vellai malai" song from Roja.
But none of songs gave me up the feeling to imagine , how it is pictured.
At the same time , one of my fren told that "Dham Dhoom" songs are cool.Today since am in off, downloaded , all songs are seems to be damn cool, am sure it will be an great hit. Especially "Anbey Anbey". and "pudhu pudhu"(U can listen the same in my favorite in my blog) a typical hiphop mixed with Rap, cool new mix ,

"I like the way u do Harish" keep the same up

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